What Was Once Land, Is Now Just Ground

The intuitive knowledge we have of the land of our birth country plays an essential role in our growth. As we explore our environment as children we discover the plants, the animal and insects. We come to understand the smells, sights, sounds and feelings associated with the weather and seasons. When in a new country, … Read More


Inspired by Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto and his visual haikus, Meditations captures the small moments that largely go unnoticed: a shadow that falls across a leaf, the shimmer of light that sparkles on the water or the silhouette of a crow contemplating its next move. Exhibition – The Cornerhouse, Manchester Jan – Feb 2014

Light Remains

As the twilight approaches we are faced with a loss of the day, as the onset of darkness leads us towards an unknown future. Dusk echoes the in-between state that dementia creates: existing in a sliver of the present moment where the past is soon forgotten and the future holds little light. The dream like … Read More

The Soul Thief

It was believed by early tribes that the act of being photographed would capture their soul, due to photography’s ability to still the present.¬† The decaying photos in this exhibition are of people I have met over the past 15 years, the work explores the relationship between the flux of time and photography’s attempt to … Read More

Beyond The Binary

Beyond The Binary deconstructs the traditional image of the nuclear family, commonly predicated on traditional binary stereotypes & gender roles. Exploring the variations of sexuality & gender in our culture, the project was a forerunner in revealing the diverse family models emerging in contemporary UK society. Using medium format film the project¬† discovered examples throughout … Read More

The Shedding

Each day lived is a layer peeled away on our path towards death. Inevitable but an almost taboo subject that most of us, as a society and as individuals, try to avoid considering. There is a fear of the unknown that comes with dying, as we often assume that death is the end. But there … Read More