As the twilight approaches we are faced with a loss of the day, as the onset of darkness leads us towards an unknown future. Dusk echoes the in-between state that dementia creates: existing in a sliver of the present moment where the past is soon forgotten and the future holds little light.

The dream like quality of twilight invokes the tentative connection to the world felt by those with an ever loosening attachment to family, place and memory. This series of photographs capture the ruins of the landscape as they are reclaimed by the earth. They are a depiction of a past forgotten yet still embodied.


The photographs capture the momentary spark of a light that remains. A trace of what was, but also a way of rediscovering that which is still with us.

The location, subject and light in these images encapsulate that which seems to exist even as it runs through our fingers; a quality of light; a precious moment we share with those whose memories are fading like light.

EXHIBITIONS - National Media Museum, Bradford Sept 2014 | Manchester Library - Sept 2015 |  Salford Museum and Gallery - Nov 2016 -Feb 2017