The Journey

Geoff Brokate travelled to Champex Lac in the Swiss Alps to take a leisurely hike with Sarah Marquis, the adventurer who in 2010 began a 3 year journey, on foot, that would take her from Siberia to Australia.

TV is Dead. Long Live TV.

Jamal Edwards is the founder of YouTube channel SB.TV. Geoff Brokate met the 23-year-old who, with 200 million views and eight million in the bank, believes that traditional TV is dying.


What Will The World Look Like in 2054?

This man is James Burke, he is a scientist. Way back in the 1970s he predicted the rise of the personal computer. Now he has a vision for what the world will look like in 2054.

The Gondoliers

The nobles from the 14th and 15th Centuries entered theirn palaces via the the canals while the back streets and footbridges were for the servants. Therefore to truly see the grandeur of Venice you must travel by boat.

Revolution In Paris

The photography of Marilyn Stafford lay largely unnoticed for 30 years, amazing thought when you consider Albert Einstein and Edith Piaf were among her subjects. But with fashion weeks around the world set for this month, we feature the images that portrayed a seismic shift in the life and styles of women around the world.