Each day lived is a layer peeled away on our path towards death. Inevitable but an almost taboo subject that most of us, as a society and as individuals, try to avoid considering.

There is a fear of the unknown that comes with dying, as we often assume that death is the end. But there are people like Sara Carter who have crossed that borderland into the dark mystery and returned. Her experience can offer insight; whilst providing no answers, we are able to raise clearer questions.

If the shedding of this body is not the end then what do we leave behind, where do we go and who are we? Is it possible that there is a second skin, a deeper self that is closer to a truer relationship with nature and this Earth.

These photos are taken during the twilight hours, that intangible state where day meets the night, echoing the invisible yet palpable veil that opens when we move from life to death.

Exhibtions - Brighton Photography Fringe Festival - Oct 2016
| Hull International Photography Festival - Oct 2017



Photo Exhibition