It was believed by early tribes that the act of being photographed would capture their soul, due to photography’s ability to still the present.  The decaying photos in this exhibition are of people I have met over the past 15 years, the work explores the relationship between the flux of time and photography’s attempt to suspend history. As individuals caught in the flow of time, can a photograph ever truly capture a person?

The image itself becomes dreamlike as it ceases to have any semblance of present reality.  While the photograph as an object is still present, the subject in the picture no longer exists. This creates a complex illusion of truth as it tries to hold History hostage. But as this exhibition illustrates, even the photograph itself must succumb to ‘time’s relentless melt’ as Susan Sontag once described it.


EXHIBITIONS - HOME Manchester - Jun 2019 | V&A London - Jun 2019 | Hull International Photography Festival - Oct 2019