I spent 10 years in Sydney Australia working as a filmmaker and directing actors. I had my own small production business and made short films for festivals on the side. My photography career began after I left Australia and began travelling around Southeast Asia. I became interested in telling stories about minorities or people out on the edges of society: the Muslim Uyghurs in China, the slums of Mumbai, the remaining Buddhist monks of Mongolia, child wrestlers in Pakistan.

After a year long collaboration in Pakistan, documenting the lives, stories and cultural diversity of women there, life took many diiferent paths  after a young Malala Yousafzai, a subject I had photographed,  had been shot by the Taliban. My work went on to be featured internationally in the likes of The Guardian, CNN and New Statesman.

I since moved to the UK and was able to begin using 35mm film again. Film is my preferred medium as I enjoy the tactile qualities of developing and printing. I began to make small visual poems that explored the UK landscape. Inspired by Japanese Haikus and the simplicity of Zen imagery and philosophy. The work was shown at the Cornerhouse in Manchester.

My most successful work to date is Soul Journey which was a collaboration with a local community arts organisation, Verd de Gris, a poet, Paula Sutherland and myself. Funded by the Arts Council it was a project in response to the myths that exist around dementia. The result was a photographic series entitled ‘Light Remains’ and a film ‘Soul Journey’  which was exhibited in the National Media Museum and has gone on to tour the northwest.


Soul Journey Project

     National Media Museum, Bradford Sept 2014

     Fuse Gallery, Bradford – Oct 2014

     Hebden Bridge Town Hall – April 2015

     The Blue Coat, Liverpool – May 2015

     West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds – June 2015

     Manchester Library – Sept 2015

     Salford Museum and Art Gallery Oct 2016

While Dreams Sleep

     John Ryland Library, Manchester – Mar 2013

Close to Being True – Visual Poetry

     Conerhouse, Manchester – Jan 2014